LIGUE World of Warcraft Miniatures 2012

Ainsi débute la ligue de 2012 qui se déroulera sur 12 tournoi et où les scores des 6 meilleurs résultats de l'année pour chaque joueur donneront le Champion de la Ligue 2012

Règle :
- Utilisation d'une Epic uniquement en full faction : exemple Bolvar avec des humains ( sauf celle qui n'ont pas de troupe )
- Un personnage nommé ne peut être en double dans une team
- Trois points pour une victoire, 2 pour le bye et 1 pour une défaite
- Vous pouvez gagner un point sur le tournoi si vous remplissait une des options suivantes :
Team full faction
Team avec une Epic ( vous ne pourrez gagner un point qu'une fois par Epic par an )
Team avec la même classe ( Mage , Paladin ect ...)

Frederic 9pts - // - 11pts - // - 12pts - // - // - // - 10 - // -
Xavier 8pts - 9pts - 12pts - 11pts - 14pts - 7pts - 11pts - 15pts - 13pts - 14pts -
Yann 7pts - 7 pts - 8pts - 6pts - 10pts - // - 11pts - 10pts - 9pts - 8pts -
Tanguy 5pts - // - 9pts - // - 8pts - 9pts - // - 10pts - // - 9pts -
Lauky 5pts - 7pts - 9pts - 9pts - 8pts - // - 10pts - // - // -
Thomas // - 7pts - 5pts - 5pts - 5pts - 8pts - 10pts - 6pts - 7pts - 12pts -

mais tout ne fait que commencer !!

Tournoi du Mois de Mars

Tournoi de la ligue le dimanche 10 Mars
+ Xavier
+ Thomas
+ Frederic
+ Lauky
+ Yann



lundi 12 avril 2010

Cryptozoic Entertainment and World of Warcraft TCG FAQ

Cryptozoic Entertainment and World of Warcraft TCG FAQ
This document will be updated about once a week. Last update: 9 April 2010

Product Information
Q: When will the next set release? *UPDATED*
A: Wrathgate is scheduled to be on sale on May 25, 2010 in North America and Europe. Other regions will have their release dates confirmed soon.

Q: Will crafting continue?
A: Yes. Please see the following post for details. Currently we are only fulfilling through the California address, but will have a European source available in the next couple of months.

Q: Will there be crafting at events?
A: We plan on having crafting at both Continental Championships and at the World Championships.

Q: What will happen with UDE points from booster packs?
A: Current UDE points will not transition to Cryptozoic.

Q: Will Cryptozoic Entertainment continue the points system?
A: We don't plan on continuing the current system. We're considering some other options, but will not release anything unless we're confident it works.

Q: Will Raid Decks continue?
A: I believe so, but I don't currently have a timeframe for them. We're focused on getting the new sets back on schedule first, so it's likely products like raid decks will get pushed out.

Q: Will Anthology be released in 2010?
A: An updated product schedule will be announced as soon as it's ready.

Q: Will WoW TCG be localized into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean etc.
A: We plan on continuing to release product in most, if not all, of these languages. Details will be confirmed along with the updated product schedule.

Q: Will there be Wrathgate preview articles?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there plans to change any of the old Loot Cards?
A: No.

Q: Will Cryptozoic reprint old sets? *UPDATED*
A: We have no plans to re-release any of the out of print sets. We will make sure the current Scourgewar block is in print in order to facilitate Limited play.

Q: Will be included in the future?
A: Maybe. Wink

Organized Play
Q: What is the status of cash prizes from the 2009 World Championships?
A: Cryptozoic will be assisting Blizzard Entertainment to resolve these outstanding prizes from the World Championships and other recent events for the WoW TCG and Minis. Players will be receiving a letter with information and tax documents that will need to be completed and returned to Blizzard.

Q: What about other prizes such as electronics and EAs? *UPDATED*
A: Players that are due electronics and gift certificates will be offered the cash value of these prizes. Other prizes such as deckboxes and EAs will most likely not be replaced, as Blizzard does not have the player information or items to verify and fulfill these requests.

Q: What is the status of DMF: Philadelphia?
A: We were unable to transition the venue for DMF Philadelphia, so the April event has been canceled. We are working on the global OP schedule and hope to come to Philly later this year.

Q: Will old cards still be valid? Will sleeves be required?
A: All WoW TCG cards will continue to be legal. We will be updating the back to remove any old logos, and when that happens opaque sleeves will be required.

Q: What about Continental Championships?
A: There will be two Continental Championships held in North America and Europe this June. Because of timing, both Continental Championships will be open to all players.

Q: What are the dates and locations for Continental Championships? *UPDATED*
A: The NACC has been announced. We just came to an agreement for the European Continental Championships, and should be able to announce specifics early next week when the contract is signed.

Q: What time does registration end on Thursday at the North American Continental Championships?
A: Registration ends at 6:30 PM on Thursday (so everyone can get to the meet & greet). Last chance registration will run 8:00 - 9:00 AM Friday morning.

Q: What about Continentals/Nationals for other countries?
A: We don't have time or resources to run them directly this year, but will work with distributors and other local organizers. There will be ways for players to compete at the World Championships even if they do not have a Continental Championships in their region.

Q: How many people qualify from Realm Championships for Worlds?
A: The top two players from each Realm Championships will receive an invite to Worlds.

Q: How many people will qualify at Continentals? *UPDATED*
A: The top 75 to 100 players from each Continentals will qualify for the World Championships based on attendance.

Q: Isn't two too low? What about other countries?
A: We would like to schedule "Worlds Qualifiers" in regions outside North America and Europe in partnership with distributors in these regions. In addition, there will be a large number of qualifying tournaments the day before the World Championships. These "grinder" style events will be run continuously as soon as the convention opens.

Q: What about invites to World Championships from honor/rating/other events? *UPDATED*
A: We do not have access to the complete contact information and player history, which would make it very resource intensive to manually verify eligibility for all players. We made the decision to make World Championship invites for this year based on final standings at Realm Championships, Continental Championships, regional World Qualifiers, and the grinders the day before World Championships.

This was a difficult decision, which was based on the value of spending resources working on the things that will have the most positive impact on the players at large.

Q: When will we announce the details of the World Championships such as badges, prizes, schedule, etc.
A: We are finalizing our plans with Gen Con and will announce as soon as they are ready.

Q: How will tournament organizers track tournaments?
A: We are developing an updated tournament software. Until that is released, tournaments can be run using any tournament software. Events will not be sanctioned or count towards ratings or rankings. We hope to release the new software in June.

Q: Will ratings and honor rankings carry over?
A: We are evaluating this and will announce more information later.

Q: Will the suspended player list carry over?
A: We are reviewing the list and will make an announcement soon.

Q: Are the cards that were announced to be part of the Class Decks still legal for Core?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Wrathgate be legal for Continentals? *UPDATED*
A: Wrathgate will be legal for the North American Continental Championships. The complete card list will be available to players no later than May 17th. We'll be making an announcement about this next week.

Volunteers and Judges
Q: Will there be new tournament documents? (Tournament policy, Penalty Guidelines, OCR)
A: Yes. We're already hard at work on them.

Q: Will there be a judge and volunteer program?
A: Yes, and it's already looking awesome. The Rules Knowledge level 1 test is available at

Retailer Questions
Q: Who do I contact to order Battleground kits?
A: You can find more information about this here:

Q: Will retailers be able to order direct from Cryptozoic Entertainment?
A: We are setting up our global distributor network right now. After that, we'll look at ordering direct.

Q: Will retailers be able to run Realm/Continental Qualifers?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Sneak Previews continue?
A: Yes. However, it looks like we might not be able to have prizes to support a Wrathgate Sneak Preview. We are looking to see if we can pull together a simpler event, but we'd rather get Wrathgate out as soon as possible then push it back.

Other Questions
Q: How do I identify who is an "official" poster?
A: Look for the "CZE Employee" or "Moderator" tag under their name.

Q: What is the status of the WoW Minis/Vs. System/Hello Kitty Island Adventure/etc license? *UPDATED*
A: At this time, Cryptozoic Entertainment is focusing on launching and supporting the WoW TCG only. We do not have the license for the World of Warcraft Miniatures game. Like all companies, it is not appropriate for us to discuss or speculate on other properties.

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  1. Si j'ai bien compris, le prochain set sort le 25 mai?....hum,hum......


  2. oui mais pour le jeu de carte pas de nouvelles pour le jeu de figurines !!

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