LIGUE World of Warcraft Miniatures 2012

Ainsi débute la ligue de 2012 qui se déroulera sur 12 tournoi et où les scores des 6 meilleurs résultats de l'année pour chaque joueur donneront le Champion de la Ligue 2012

Règle :
- Utilisation d'une Epic uniquement en full faction : exemple Bolvar avec des humains ( sauf celle qui n'ont pas de troupe )
- Un personnage nommé ne peut être en double dans une team
- Trois points pour une victoire, 2 pour le bye et 1 pour une défaite
- Vous pouvez gagner un point sur le tournoi si vous remplissait une des options suivantes :
Team full faction
Team avec une Epic ( vous ne pourrez gagner un point qu'une fois par Epic par an )
Team avec la même classe ( Mage , Paladin ect ...)

Frederic 9pts - // - 11pts - // - 12pts - // - // - // - 10 - // -
Xavier 8pts - 9pts - 12pts - 11pts - 14pts - 7pts - 11pts - 15pts - 13pts - 14pts -
Yann 7pts - 7 pts - 8pts - 6pts - 10pts - // - 11pts - 10pts - 9pts - 8pts -
Tanguy 5pts - // - 9pts - // - 8pts - 9pts - // - 10pts - // - 9pts -
Lauky 5pts - 7pts - 9pts - 9pts - 8pts - // - 10pts - // - // -
Thomas // - 7pts - 5pts - 5pts - 5pts - 8pts - 10pts - 6pts - 7pts - 12pts -

mais tout ne fait que commencer !!

Tournoi du Mois de Mars

Tournoi de la ligue le dimanche 10 Mars
+ Xavier
+ Thomas
+ Frederic
+ Lauky
+ Yann



vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Raid " Lamia Morta "

Drums beat in the old cathedral, and a dull fire burns in its darkness. The smell of sickly-spiced incense lingers around the desecration. All about, a chalky orange smoke clouds your vision. Skeletons litter the ground and crunch beneath your feet. You have heard rumors—but not like this. Scarlet draperies hang on the sloped walls. You have heard this is where they make their lair—but not like this.

From some dark corner drifts the eerie sound of an ancient Spindle. Somewhere, a thread is being Measured. Somewhere, the snipping sound of Shears. Then comes a witch’s voice, old and cackled, both 1 & 3 at once: “Much death have these ancient artifacts wrought since their creation. Your deaths, Mortals, will be counted amidst their notches!”

Welcome to the third World of Warcraft Minis raid encounter: Lamia Morta, How All Deaths Begin . . . Last time, players fought against a completely programmed raid boss, Hastur. For those that survived Hastur’s automated attempts to possess their souls, things will be reversed this time—Lamia Morta is a fully competitive raid.

One player must play as the raid boss!

Don’t worry—there are still significant cooperative elements to the raid. For the most part, this raid is designed to be played competitively. The ideal number of players for Lamia Morta is three: one player to play as Lamia Morta, one player to pilot Raid Party 1, and one player to pilot Raid Party 2. Alternately, one player may play as Lamia Morta while the other player controls both raid parties.

Champion Shadowsun and his Blood Elf allies hid behind a fallen stone pillar. So far, they had remained unnoticed—or ignored—by Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. The three demon-sisters marched directly forward, weapons and armor glistening. Directly in their path stood the other raid party: Cairne, Amalar, and Gorebelly! Magistrix Enaria would hang back for crowd control. If all goes to plan, both raid parties will hit the enemy at the same time. If all goes well, some heroes might survive.

Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium/Hard/Epic

This raid cannot be played solo. Believe me, I tried to test it solo! One player must play as the raid boss. Additionally, at least two more players are highly recommended to each play one of the raiding parties. Yes, the players get two raid parties for this encounter. While a single player can attempt to play both raid parties, the encounter is far smoother when two (or more) players run the two raid parties. If more players are present, the two raid parties can be divided however the players choose—so long as for game purposes they remain two distinct raid parties. Keeping them distinct is critical for Stage 2.

So why do the raid players get two parties?


That’s why.

Fillet winced, took a step backwards, and whispered to Parvink, “Um . . . ladies first?”

Lamia Morta, How All Deaths Begin . . . uses all the official rules for World of Warcraft Minis. The Core Set, Spoils of War, and all promos and Crafting items from those sets are legal for this .

Bregina Stoneshiv shook her head no. “Sorry, I can’t go in there,” she explained. “I’ve got plans to die from old age.”


The raid players first choose whether they wish to play Alliance, Horde, or Monsters. Then the raid players build two separate raid parties, each with exactly 4 characters, and each up to 27 honor. These separate raid parties are referred to as “Raid Party 1” and “Raid Party 2.” All heroes in both raid parties are considered to be allies. Both raid parties must be from the same faction. All heroes are considered unique for this raid—no duplicate heroes are allowed. Upon death, heroes do not respawn and their abilities cease to activate.

Namrah closed Ruby’s eyes. “Sometimes at the end of light, there is only shadow.”

If the term “raid party” does not reference a number (1 or 2) then the term refers to all players playing in either Raid Party 1 or Raid Party 2.



The raid party chooses if they want to start from the red Spawn Points or the blue Spawn Points. The raid boss starts from the opposite set of Spawn Points. Both sides may use either of their two Spawn Points.


As Lamia Morta must be managed by a player, there is no need for Aggro Tokens.

Vindicator Hodoon’s armor bent from the force of the blows, but still he held the Demon’s attention. “Demon, the light shields me!”


One character total—chosen from Raid Party 1—may be designated as the Party Leader. Raid Party 1’s Leader cannot be ticked up by enemies.

One character total—chosen from Raid Party 2—may be designed as the Party Leader. Raid Party 2’s Leader cannot be moved by enemies.

Haruka lifted her Ancient Manslayer. Suddenly, compared to the demon-witch’s array of arms, her weapon seemed neither ancient nor deadly.


The three witches share their Action Bar. They have the following 7 pieces of weaponry and 9 pieces of armor/trinkets in their Action Bar.


Each weapon has an “After this attack” clause. These effects are not optional.

Parvink had always considered herself a master of arms . . . that is, until she met Lamia.


Armor has no effect and cannot be used when exhausted.

Dibs on that helmet!” shouted Illiana Sunshield.

  • Energy Shackle: If any of Clotho, Lachesis, or Atropos is outside their Lair at the end of any tick, they take 2 damage. Outside their Lair refers to any space outside the red circle below:

Fear,” explained Magistrix Kiala, “is a girl’s best friend.”

  • Inner Circle: If Clotho, Lachesis, or Atropos is on or adjacent to the VP at the end of any tick, they heal 1 damage.

Za’zu loaded a heavy, blunted arrow. “Joo know mon, sometimes distraction is de attraction.”

When the last Shivan is destroyed, the raid immediately progresses . . . to Stage 2.


The Phantom Moiraes enter play with their personal clocks set to the master clock.

For example: if Daelas Firewing is the last character to act on tick 7, and Daelas uses Pyroblast to kill the last Shivan, Stage 2 immediately begins on tick 7 because the master clock has not yet moved. Daelas, of course, will still tick to 12.

Twins?” asked Dagg’um Ty’gor. “I hate twins.”

No, not twins. The two Phantom Moiraes above are slightly different. Their Shadowsteps affect different raid parties. The first deals with Raid Party 1; the second deals with Raid Party 2.

Deathwatcher squinted an evil eye at Storm Rager. “I make the better Phantom Moirae!” Storm Rager blew a kiss in return.


  • Sated: When a Phantom Moirae kills the target it possessed, only the specific Phantom Moirae that placed that possessed token is destroyed.

Timmo Shadestep cleaned his dagger on his boot. “Well, I’m certainly glad that’s over.”

  • Possession: When a Phantom Moirae spawns next to an enemy, even if there are multiple adjacent enemies, the raid boss may only place one possession token. A character with a possession token may not attack, target, or affect either Phantom Moirae.

Such pretty, pretty skills,” said Dizdemona. “How can I steal them?

When the last Phantom Moirae is destroyed, the raid immediately progresses to Stage 3.


Lamia Morta enters play with her personal clock set to the master clock.

Your fate hangs by a thread, Mortal!”

Lamia Morta


  • Weapon Master: Weapon Master triggers every time Lamia strikes with a weapon. Therefore, if Lamia strikes with Hellreaver, the net result is that she will only tick up 2. If Lamia then strikes with a 0 tick weapon, like The Ivory Kris, this will subtract another -1 from her personal clock.

Better than anyone, Ixamos the Redeemed understood the importance of haste in battle. Even so, the demon’s unholy celerity left him utterly speechless.

  • Zero Surge: Lamia may play up to 3 instants per turn. She may, if she wishes, use the same instant multiple times. For example, Lamia may strike 3 times with The Ivory Kris.

Morova tried to keep her eye focused on the Demon’s dagger. She may as well have tried plucking down the moon.

  • Energy Shackle & Inner Circle: These abilities are only for Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. They do not affect Lamia.

  • Intemporal: This ability is only for Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. It does not affect Lamia. Lamia’s weapons will ready as normal at the end of tick 10.

The raid ends when Lamia is destroyed or when all heroes have died.

Bolvar signaled by lifting his bronze shield . . .
Leeeerooooy Jenkins . . .
Elanna notched a masterful arrow . . .
Savin charged!

Best of luck with the raid, guys. Feel free to ask any questions in the forum. If there are enough questions, I’ll compile an FAQ.

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